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Dr. Gatza created the Total Shake™with one simple goal: To help people get healthy and get on with their lives. After years listening to patients describe what Dr. Gatza calls, "the misery of bad health" - caused by improper diets, unnecessary medication, and the overall lethargic feeling that comes with feeling unhealthy - Dr. Gatza, a noted author and leader on nutrition and human toxicity, decided it was time to take action.

After almost two decades of research, countless tests, and amazing results, Dr. Gatza makes available the Total Shake System™. The first Total Health Program engineered to fully address health matters such as:

Divider • Low energy
• Digestive Disorders
• Headaches
• Arthritis
• Insomnia
• Weight Problems
• Allergies
• Irritable Bowel
• Carpal Tunnel
• Respiratory Problems
• Back and Neck Pain
• High Blood Pressure and more!
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